Inhouse Training

Professional Accountants

We have been helping Accountants by providing in house training for the team.

Are you an accounting firm with 1-10 staff?

Are you using Xero practice reporting or thinking of starting to use Xero practice reporting?

Then you would benefit from our In-house training.

If you are using this you are unsure of whether you are using this efficiently or not and can benefit from best practice processes.

If you are considering using and unsure about the transition and learning.
If you are using a separate system for accounting and separate for reporting.
Would you and your team benefit from a trainer talking about Xero practice and client reporting coming onsite so they can learn the practical skills and know how to troubleshoot the problems?

We can help you to automate systems in a way that produces financial reports straight from Xero in less than 10 minutes.

Our onsite training attracts CPD points for all attendees.

We customise the training as per your practice needs.

If you want to get your team working in a more efficient manner then book in a 15min chat with me to see how this might work for you.

Future Accountants

We run a special online program for Future Accountants and train them using real client examples so they are ready for the real Job world.

To find more information on Job ready program please click here

Our training attracts CPD points for all attendees.