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Cloud Academy For Accountants

The Cloud Academy for Accountants provides tools and support to help accountants improve their skills and support their practice with cloud accounting software. Helping accountants own future proof business.


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What You Will Learn

In today’s digitally adept era, the cloud is where the information, data and future lies. Cloud Academy is used to administer phenomenal information on how you can better your business and ensure your financials are organised at equitable pricing. Our team has a plethora of webinars, lectures and support that will assist you around the clock with your company.

With the rapid and astonishing expansion of technology, that pierces through the core of all professions and establishes its mark, we humans suggest that a “perfect word” is slowly approaching. Accounting is one of the fields where technology has got a foothold for now and the future! From Xero, Budgeting, JobKeeper made easy and more, we provide and establish you with leading knowledge so you can feel confident about your accounting.

1. How to get the most out of your XPM
Here at FP Accountants we are the pioneering accounting team that are fluent in everything Xero. We liaise with all our clientele and administer leading webinars and support to ensure that you comprehend the basics and have your financials in check.

2. Manage timesheets and WIP
Managing timesheets and WIP play a pivotal role in ensuring daily operations are fluid. Employees require timesheets for their salary and through Xero we can teach you how to get the most out of the software, minimising the time and effort normally required.

3. How to best use the Practice Manager’s job templates
Learn with us here at Future Proof Accountants, as our leading accountants will go through all the necessary practice workflows and knowledge you need to utilise and integrate Xero effectively within your capacity. We will liaise with you and explain how to use practice manager job templates to their best of capabilities.

4. Better track performance and KPI’s
Pinpoint growth, understand ROI and really dive into your business’s KPIs. With Xero’s intricate reporting systems and templates, you will better track your KPIs and scrutinise your performance and improve rapidly.

5. Navigate the Dashboard and Clients tabs
Become a PRO on Xero and learn how to navigate the dashboard and client tabs so you can keep and eye on everything financial to ensure that your business is running optimally.

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More reasons to signup

  • Easy

    Not everyone is tech savvy, which is why we are here to make this experience as simple and easy for you.

  • Support

    Genuine support is available through weekly sessions with Neha and our closed Facebook group for all your queries.

  • Convenient

    Experience flexibility and convenience with our online only approach, so you can fit us into your schedule.

  • Relevant

    Courses are designed for now and the future, so you can be sure to stay ahead of all the hottest industry topics.

  • Expert knowledge

    With ample real world experience, Neha is an expert in her field and is passionate about sharing her learnings with you.

  • Valuable

    With each course, Neha delivers tremendous value with industry insights that will help you harness your skills for a successful Accounting career.

About The Instructor

Expert who will be conducting this webinar

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Neha Nayyar


Numbers have always been Neha’s passion and this ardor combined with a flair for accounting inherited from her grandfather, inspired her to take up accounting as her profession.
Her father has been a business owner all his life, so she understands the nitty-gritty that a business owner endues on a daily basis. It is that essence that inspired her to provide a solution to those who can better invest their time in their business.
After completing her Masters’s in accounting and becoming a qualified CPA, Neha became aware of the fact that several start-ups and small businesses have to juggle a lot of tasks such as accounting, marketing, and insurance. These tasks are time-consuming and can distract the business owners, therefore hindering business growth. From here, the idea of Sum and Substance clicked to Neha.
Sum and Substance steers businesses through easy decision-making Processes and helps them accomplish goals on time.
We aid businesses in setting up bookkeeping, accounting and administration systems. We can assist in setting up your initial bookkeeping system, provide training and offer strong ongoing support keeping in mind your business requirements.
So, indulge your passion. Share your business requirements with Sum and Substance.

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