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If you look after several businesses in Xero and want to ensure all your clients have their single touch payroll are lodged, you can easily do this in the one place. This tip is a great time saver and will save you from having to open each and every clients file to ensure everything is […]

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You are experts at what you do however reporting set up is a different skill set to that of an accountant. Reporting for any business is critical and the correct reporting can make a significant difference to a business’s success, especially when big decisions are made off the back of reporting data. With so many […]

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Over the years, I have come across so many accountants who have been practising for a long time (and have rooms full of filing cabinets to show for it) but were often left behind with the constant changes in technology. I saw a gap in the market, so worked tirelessly to develop the courses required for […]

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June 2, 2021

Upskilling your team

Hello lovely Accountants! I’m here to talk about training and upskilling of your team. I know that accountants are very pedantic about the quality of their work and also the quality of service provided to the client which is great but that obviously means that you want to make sure your team is trained and […]

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