Accounting is often considered a rewarding and stable career with plenty of opportunities going around for everyone. This is true to an extent but the structure elements of the Australian economy and migration considerations means opportunities at the graduate level can be very competitive. Both domestic and international students are competing for a fixed number of market positions which makes work experience more important than ever. Here at FP Accountants we administer a highly competitive accounting internship for international students to aid standout accountants with their journey.

Reliability is synonymous with us here at Future Proof Accountants. We have pioneered the accounting industry and offer new accountants with an accredited and certified accounting internship program. Through our internship, you will gain hands on experience and knowledge on everything regarding accounting, upon successful completion we are most excited to offer leading candidates full-time positions in our firm.

We are a team of Accountants thriving to help international students to future proof their accounting knowledge. We work closely with Tax accountants and advise based on their own specific situation, what would be ideal for them in terms of systems and automation. We help Accountants embrace technology smoothly. Online accounting software, combined with online accounting techniques is a much more effective procedure than filling out paperwork because half the work is already done for you! Future Proof Accountants take pride in providing the utmost finest accounting internship for international students, with a variety of accounting obstacles that will adequately prepare any accountant for the real world, technology and FP go hand in hand, just like the glove fits the hand!

For additional insight and information regarding our accounting internship for international students, feel free to contact us directly and liaise with a friendly member of staff.


  • 5 star review  Thank you Neha for your time today. I would definitely recommend Neha to anyone who is needing training or guidance with Work Flow Max/Xero systems. Neha is patient and understands every practise has different systems, and she advises on the best way forward to make it work. It was very easy with Neha over our zoom chat and sharing screens. Thanks so much.

    thumb Sheree Revell

    5 star review  I subscribed for the recent webinar on Tax Planning Template for Xero. Neha facilitated the webinar very well and it was well worth the hour to learn how easy it was to develop the template in house for use with our clients.

    thumb Pete Ibbertson

    5 star review  This review is for the online Xero seminars. I have attended two of these relating to reports and they were very informative. Questions are answered in the live demonstration and the presenter has an extensive knowledge of the program.

    thumb Mai Pauling
  • 5 star review  Neha delivers comprehensive webinars full of easy-to-understand practical advise for how to optimise workflows within accounting practices. She draws on her extensive experience with a diverse range of clients to offer sound advise on best-practice solutions, answering many of my questions before I even have to ask. Thanks Neha for your generous time and for sharing your expertise.

    thumb Jamie-Lee De Souza

    5 star review  Neha took the time to assist us during this busy times. Her advice was very clear and we are now going in the right direction with confidence!

    thumb Scott Costain

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