Why Accountants Should Invest in Training

Over the years, I have come across so many accountants who have been practising for a long time (and have rooms full of filing cabinets to show for it) but were often left behind with the constant changes in technology. I saw a gap in the market, so worked tirelessly to develop the courses required for accountants to fill their technical skill gaps, and set them up with the latest knowledge to succeed in the competitive market we work in. After years of study and then years in the profession, you may be thinking- why do I need MORE training? You need to change the way you see training and think of it as an investment in yourself and your practice, and by investing in training, you can:

Grow your practice (and earnings!!!)

By offering new and innovative services, you stay one step ahead of your competitors and your practice will stand out. By learning new technical skills and software, you can provide additional services to your current and future clients.

Future proof yourself

As the industry becomes more and more automated, client expectations shift- they want efficient service, no longer paying for timely, manual accounting.  Clients want accountants who can adapt to change and who are abreast of the latest in accounting to ensure the very best in accuracy, efficiency, reporting and system help should they need it.

Diversify your skill set

Adding new skills and building on your existing skills will always be beneficial, however in accounting, these skills can mean the difference of landing new clients, retaining existing clients or receiving lucrative future employment offers.

Make yourself more employable

If you ever find yourself looking at moving practices, not only will you will have more skills to offer potential employers, consistent upskilling and investing in your education is always looked at favourably.

Receive CPD points

Most of our courses attract CPD points, and the benefit of our courses is that they targeted to specific knowledge, so you walk away with all the ins and outs of the topic, instead of the generic/high level information you may have received from courses in the past.

Free up your time

Perhaps you don’t have time to upskill your people, or perhaps you don’t yet have the knowledge on the topic yourself. By sending your team members to be upskilled, they will walk away with the skills and knowledge required so you can then delegate tasks to them to free yourself up. It is a win-win, they receive extra development and you can give them more complex tasks to work on so you can focus on other things.

Why train with Future Proof Accountants?

Backed by client reviews

We have glowing Google reviews and testimonials on our website from satisfied clients. Many of our clients who attend our trainings have become ‘regulars’, and come to most of our live sessions.


We have on demand webinars available 24/7. Most of our training occurs online, and if you can’t make it to our live session, you are always provided with a recording to watch and refer back to at your convenience. 

Our training is targeted

Each course on offer is focussed on a particular niche. This ensures you walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the topic discussed. You know exactly what will be covered before you sign up.

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